Japan - Asunaro Trout Farm

Another off the beaten track spot in Nagano is the Asunaro trout farm. At the fish farm you catch your dinner using traditional bamboo fishing poles and then enjoy the onsen (hot springs) while they prepare your fish along with a traditional Japanese dinner. As a child I visited this place at least once during our summers up at Lake Nojiri and I have many fond memories of my Dad teaching us kids how to fish. 

Again I was amazed at how little this place had changed 20 years later.

Handed our bait and sent off to catch our dinner. 

I remembered exactly how my Dad taught me to apply the bait so I was highly successful at catching the fish.  It took Kingsley a few tries...As excited as I was to have caught my dinner I still had to have my Dad take out the hook while I looked away.  I just cant stand to witness any kind of animal suffering though I seem to have no problem eating them.

Between Kingsley and I we caught 5 small trout for our family dinner. 

A relaxing onsen while they prepared our fish. 

Though I still cant witness my meal being killed without getting a little squeamish, I am proud to say that I have matured significantly in our last 3 years in Asia. Arriving at dinner to find the fish that I recently caught on my plate with scales and eyeballs intact was no big deal.  I just worked around them, using my expert chopstick skills, and enjoyed the flavor of my freshly caught trout. The entire experience at the Trout Farm was fantastic and very memorable.  

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