Cebu - 7th Wedding Anniversary & Whale Shark Video

Cebu 2014 from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

Kingsley and I spent our 7th wedding anniversary in Cebu Philippines where we were lucky enough to swim with no less than 7 Whale Sharks!!  A dream of mine for many years.  The experience was overwhelming...I think I swallowed half the ocean when I first spotted one...and incredible, they are the most gentle giants I have ever encountered.

Botanical Gardens Birthday Thunderstrom

This year Kingsley planned a fun Birthday picnic with a bunch of friends in the Botanical Gardens to celebrate my birthday this year.  It was a beautiful day with hardly a cloud in the sky when we arrived  for the Jazz concert at the Gardens.  We set up our picnic and had just started eating dinner when the heavens opened up and we got caught in an epic thunderstorm along with hundreds of Singaporeans who had come to enjoy the concert.  Needless mass chaos ensued as everyone rushed to pack up and get home. By the time we got to the taxi line it was swamped, there was no way we would have gotten a taxi for hours... but Kingsley saved the day by using the new Uber taxi app on his phone and managed to get Ken the driver to rescue us and bring us back to our condo where we finished the picnic.  At the end of the day we were all drenched but smiling and it was certainly a memorable Birthday and evening!