International Date Line Birthday

Kingsley and I flew from Singapore to Seattle on April 11th which is Kingsley's bday and meant that, thanks to the international date line crossing, someone had an extra special two day long birthday. I was able to surprise him with a few fun birthday cards mid-flight but he refused to let me make any announcements to the flight attendants about his special day.  After we landed we spent a few hours resting at his parents house and then went out for a Birthday dinner to Cactus (our favorite Mexican restaurant) with Kingsley's parents. Later that night we drove out to the Kickin Boot Whiskey Bar in Ballard to wish my friend Shelley a Happy 30th bday.  It was the longest April 11th I have ever experienced and a happy day(s) for so many reasons which made it even more special.

Our Newest Nephew

In early March our third Nephew was added to the family.  Kingsley and I were so excited to meet him and I was especially excited to teach him who is favorite Auntie was! 

KuDeTa Sugar High

We had a very special Bday brunch celebration at Kudeta over Easter Weekend to celebrate several special ladies birthdays.  It was decided that since most of us really just love the desserts that we would order a cocktail each and then one of every dessert on the menu to all share a long with a massive red velvet cake. Needless to say we were all buzzing from all the sugar and cocktails at our dessert brunch but it was such a lovely afternoon celebrating some amazing woman in my life. 
A very Happy Birthday to Sara, Kelly and Lisa! 

Ku De Ta Birthday Girls from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

Paragliding friends visit Singapore

We had a great Easter weekend catching up with some lifelong friends. Ashley and Suhas learned paragliding in Seattle with Kingsley many years ago and thus they had a ball recently reminiscing together about the "good old days".

Quote from Ashley:

"Paragliding brought three people together that would likely have never met one another otherwise, in a country that was not native to any of them, that it would lead to many years later those same three people, now all living in three different countries to the one in which they met, to be drinking cold beer outside a bar in Singapore telling yarns about how good they all used to be!!!"

Good Friday Bday BBQ

Last weekend our friend Ashley came to stay with us in Singapore for a visit. He and Kingsley met paragliding back in Seattle.  However, he now lives in Melbourne with his family.  It never ceases to amaze me how fortunate we are to have so many friends living all over the world.  

To start the weekend off with a bang, we threw a big BBQ at our place on Good Friday.  We had about 13 people over so I booked the Koi Pond BBQ pitt # 8 (as usual) and we had steaks, salmon and veggie kabobs which were grilled to perfection!

Grill Masters!

Later, I brought out a birthday cake for Kingsley and we sang him happy birthday (much to his embarrassment). Then the Bollywood dancing ensued which was great fun but escalated quickly when Rahul (our dance lead) landed himself in the Koi Pond after executing an awesome new dance move. A great time was had by all and just after midnight we took the party inside to our condo (so as not to upset the neighbors too much!).  Another successful and memorable Wood birthday and BBQ!