Organic vs non organic

My dilemma every time I go grocery shopping in Singapore.  I can buy non organic produce from China at a fraction of the price of organic from the US.  

However, I know organic is better for us and I have some serious doubts about the quality of any produce that comes out of China. But 74 cents vs $14.50 SGD for broccoli! Thats pretty tough to swallow! 

Batgirl Haircut

Kingsley and I tried a new spot for his haircut this weekend and he was inadvertently placed with BATGIRL as his hairdresser.  I'm sure she must have many wonderful super powers but hair styling was sadly not one of them.  We asked for the Bruce Wayne cut but sadly got something more like the Joker... Thank goodness his hair grows quickly!  I'm impressed that after 4 years in Asia, Kingsley is still willing to try new places for his haircuts.

A cup full of urine on the runway

On my trip back from Seattle to Singapore I had an interesting encounter on the flight from Hong Kong to Singapore.  I sat across the aisle and one row back from a Chinese woman (who did not speak a word of english) and her 3 year old son both of whom had obviously never been on a plane before.

There were quite a few annoying experiences in flight...the son played games on his tablet the entire flight with the volume on HIGH with no headphones...and the woman seemed to only have one voice volume which was LOUD!  Thank goodness for earplugs!

Anyway, we are moments away from landing on the runway in Singapore so all the flight attendants are buckled in.  As we are about to touch down the son tells his mother that he needs to piddle.  In in instant, off comes both their seat belts and the woman expertly reaches across the aisle and grabs a complete strangers empty plastic cup out the holder and then proceeds to crouch in the middle of the aisle to hold the cup while her son urinates into it. In the midst of all of this three things happened simultaneously, the plane touches down on the runway, the flight attendants jaws drop on the floor witnessing passengers out of their seats during landing, and I decide to try and take an incognito photo of the whole experience (but in my jet lagged haze I forgot to check the flash) and my flash lights up the cabin.

I am not sure who got more dirty looks, me or the crazy Chinese woman holding a cup full of urine as the plane taxied down the runway.  I only wish I had some semblance of a photo to show for the experience but between the overexposure from the flash and the bumpy landing the photo is one big blur so you will have to use your imagination!