Preggers Casino Baby Shower

In our June visit to Seattle as usual we had a very full schedule. But one of my top goals for the trip was to make sure we had a baby shower for our friends John and Christine. We have a very special group of friends in Seattle who have been playing poker together with us for the last 9 plus years.

The poker rules are simple, $20 buy-in and whoever is the big winner for the evening is required to host the next game.  Combining a co-ed baby shower into the poker evening turned out to be a super fun evening.

Saying Goodbye

Bonnie and Brett were likely our very first friendship made in Singapore and they certainly have become some of our closest friends here. Needless to say, I was pretty devastated when I heard that they were planning to move back to the US. I know Singapore is a transient place and I knew that eventually something like this might happen, but knowing this was bound to happen didn't make going through it any easier.  Bonnie and I initially met at a ladies morning coffee group and just kind of clicked right away.  Part of expat life means that when you meet the right person, you cling together for support. Expat friendships can therefore be especially intense, making it even harder when one of you...BONNIE... decides to move on.

Before the big move, Bonnie and I had a girls day at a spa on Batam Island in Indonesia. It is a 30 min ferry ride from Singapore and the Spa which is called Tempt Senang is fabulous.  We had massages, hair conditioning treatments and pedicures. I would highly recommend this place for a relaxing day or overnight getaway. 

For our very last evening together we had a picnic at Marina Barrage to enjoy a meal and the city view together one last time.  It was a tough evening for me, as I realized that as wonderful as it can be at times, an expat life guarantees a never ending stream of heavy-hearted farewells. And the sad truth is that goodbyes never get easier, no matter how many times you rehearse them.

Sacher and Aslan

Our latest foster kittens, Sacher and Aslan AKA Sneezy and Hyper got off to a bit of a rough start.  They went out to us for fostering as cat flu swept through the SPCA. The SPCA was hoping to keep these babies away to avoid getting the nasty virus at such a young age.  But unfortunately these little guys had unknowingly already been exposed so within a few days of arriving at our place we morphed from the kitten Burj Al Arab to the Kitten Red Cross.

Kitten flu from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

It was touch and go there for a bit with round the clock nebulizer treatments and lots of TLC but they made it out the other side and turned into two of the most rambunctious and naughties brothers we have ever fostered.  Below is a picture of what I found in the laundry area after leaving them alone for a few minutes.  They went up for adoption a few weeks ago and were adopted right away which always makes me happy. 

Me@OUE Birthday

In June I celebrated another birthday in Singapore.  I swear these birthdays are arriving faster and faster each year! We did a fun celebration dinner out with a bunch of friends the weekend before my birthday but the best part of my birthday this year was the very romantic dinner Kingsley and I shared at Me@OUE.  The restaurant serves French, Japanese and Chinese cuisines so we ordered a little something from every menu and I had a nice quiet birthday celebration with my guy.  The food was lovely and the view is absolutely the best so I would highly recommend checking the place out for a special occasion.