Sacher and Aslan

Our latest foster kittens, Sacher and Aslan AKA Sneezy and Hyper got off to a bit of a rough start.  They went out to us for fostering as cat flu swept through the SPCA. The SPCA was hoping to keep these babies away to avoid getting the nasty virus at such a young age.  But unfortunately these little guys had unknowingly already been exposed so within a few days of arriving at our place we morphed from the kitten Burj Al Arab to the Kitten Red Cross.

Kitten flu from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

It was touch and go there for a bit with round the clock nebulizer treatments and lots of TLC but they made it out the other side and turned into two of the most rambunctious and naughties brothers we have ever fostered.  Below is a picture of what I found in the laundry area after leaving them alone for a few minutes.  They went up for adoption a few weeks ago and were adopted right away which always makes me happy. 

5 Response to "Sacher and Aslan "

  • Ryan Says:

    Hi Lynn, just wanted to drop by and say how pleasantly surprised I was when I first came across your blog! I'm Ryan from Singapore, and it just so happens that I adopted a cute kitten by the name of Aslan from SPCA in June! I call him Katsu now (though I'd be over the moon if he ever responded to any name haha), and he stays with me and another girl kitty (also from SPCA) called TayTay. Thought you'd want to see how big he's grown since you fostered him and Sacher! :) Anyway, thanks loads for fostering Katsu/Aslan, and for being foster parents in general! You're one of the good ones! :D

    Here's the flickr link to some of his photos, I hope it works!

    I hope you do check your blog's comments section haha.. cheers!

  • Lynn Says:

    Hi Ryan- thanks for the reply and for the photos of Aslan/Katsu all grown up! He is SO cute and looks very happy living with you. It warms my heart to see him so content as often times, after I foster kittens, they go up for adoption and I never see them again. The blog posts I write help me to always remember them in my heart. Feel free to share Katsu photos with me anytime!! :)

  • Ryan Says:

    I'll be more than happy to! :) That is what I feel is really amazing about foster parents by the way, the fact that you're able to say goodbye to those kittens over and over again. :( Oh I hope you're not too concerned about the cage photos! I only put him in the cage for about a day when I had to separate the two after he went for snip snip at SPCA. Side note: I did wonder about his occasional sneezing when he first arrived home. It disappeared after a few days though, and luckily TayTay didn't catch it!

  • Lynn Says:

    Ryan - saying goodbye to the kittens is the WORST thing ever! I am always sad for a few days... And yes Katsu was very sick for a few days. I pulled a few all nighters caring for them but they bounced back beautifully. The sneezing was residual but they were no longer contagious by the time they went up for adoption. But so funny that you noticed the sneezing! I wondered for a second about the cage photo but then I saw so many others where Katsu is obviously SO SO happy with you, so I am happy! :)

  • Lynn Says:

    By the way, I love the name Katsu! Thank you for caring for him so well! Please give him and extra cuddle from me!