Singapore Chinese Symphony Picnic

I love love love evening time in Singapore. The temperature is perfect, not too hot and not too cold.  A few weekends ago we met up with some friends for a picnic in the Botanical gardens and to watch the Singapore Chinese Symphony perform.  I think we might have missed the memo about bringing kids as we were literally THE ONLY group there without young children and the musical selection included twinkle twinkle little star. The conductor also asked us to use our "magical wands" (index finger) to help him conduct several of the songs...Kingsley was surprisingly good!

I love this video selection for some many reasons but especially love the little girl marching along to the Doraemon theme song. Note how she starts off with half her dinner in her hand but realizes midway through that it is impeding her performance.

Kittens - the Situation and the Meatballs

Have 4 new little guys running around the house.  Kingsley has named them the situation and the meatballs.  Can you guess which one is the situation??

Some days...

Most days in Singapore I don't mind not having a car and thus dependent on public transportation. But then there are days like this where you have things to do and places to be and you have no other choice but to get utterly drenched in the process.

Seattle - Salmon Days

My parents live in a town called Issaquah which, for a few weeks every fall, becomes slightly famous because the creek that runs through town is where as many as 10,000-20,000 adult salmon return from the pacific ocean to lay their eggs.  Just so happens I was in Seattle during that special egg laying time so my mom and I stopped by the hatchery to watch the salmon for a while.  Funny I lived in Issaquah for years and drove by the hatchery daily but never really took the time to stop and explore it. I guess being away for a while has given me a fresh perspective...

High tech Mama Goetsch using her iPhone to film the salmon.

Seattle - Fall

Just returned from Seattle late Thursday night.  As I was booking the trip, two and half weeks in Seattle seemed like so much time but looking back it flew by.  So much so that I realized towards the end of the visit that I had hardly used my camera at all.  

I miss having seasons in Singapore which makes it that much more special to go home to leaves changing colors, cute fall sweaters and boots, pumpkins and spiced cider.  Downside of fall weather in Seattle is that all of the shopping is for fall and winter and although I live in the tropics I was constantly tempted to purchase the latest trendy fall fashion items. I was fully aware that these items were utterly useless to me in Singapore but the temptation was certainly there!  Upside of fall weather shopping in Seattle is most of the summer stuff is on sale...

Sophia in Singapore

Okay so its been a fun and busy fall so far with no slow down in sight.
In mid-September my friend Sophia and her friend Tisha came for a visit so I got to play tour guide again (I love that game!!).  The two best parts about my bootcamp...I mean first seeing how many fun things I can cram into a day before my jet lagged victims/guests collapse from sheer exhaustion.  Second, I love seeing Singapore through a fresh set of eyes, its amazing how many things I have started to take for granted about this amazing city.

 We did a lot in just a few short much that I honestly wasn't sure who was more tired at the end of it all but we sure did have fun!

One quick highlight - There is a bar in Clarke Quay called the Clinic which I have been wanting to check out.  You can have your cocktails served to you in a real IV bag!  The seating options are wheelchairs and hospital beds and the bartenders wear scrubs.  A unique idea, but they are doing something, the place was packed!