Sailing to St. John's island

Friends of ours recently purchased a beautiful catamaran and asked us to join them for a day trip to St. John's island which is located about 30 min south of Singapore via boat.

St. John's island can also be accessed by a public ferry. There are several picnic areas and some beautiful beaches, but no restaurants or shops.

The island was first used as a quarantine holding area for cholera stricken immigrants back in 1874. As the years went by, St John's island was also used for various other functions:  

- As a penal settlement site to hold political detainees 
- A drug rehabilitation center for opium-addicts

As of today, the island is a fun place for visitors who wish to get away from the hustle of Singapore city life. But not everyone in Singapore is excited about visiting St. John's island as it is also reputedly haunted. There are several abandoned buildings scattered around the island. Once, a birdwatcher claimed to have heard an elderly lady crying. When he entered the house, there was a rusty dagger inside and a faint light appeared. For those brave enough to camp overnight the detention center has been converted into (very basic) holiday chalets. 

As for us, we were happy to spend a few hours relaxing on the boat, brushing up on our sailing skills, and exploring a new part of Singapore.

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