Koh Samui - Yoga Retreat

One the things I love most about living in South East Asia is how easy and reasonably priced it is to take long weekend getaways.  Bali and Thailand are both about a 2 hour flight away. 

Kingsley and I sometimes joke it is cheaper for us to leave Singapore (recently ranked the most expensive city in the world) and fly somewhere for the weekend than it is to stay in town. 

A few weeks ago my friend Kristen and I took advantage of some cheap flights and went to Koh Samui for a yoga getaway.  This is my third trip to Koh Samui for yoga retreats since moving to Singapore and each time I fall in love with yoga a bit more. 

Another thing I love about these yoga getaways in Koh Samui is the delicious organic raw food that they make at the resort. One of my favorites is the raw lasagna.  Kingsley has been hearing me rave about it for a while so I brought a big slice of raw lasagna back to Singapore so he could give it a try.  He was duly impressed. Now I just need to find a way to recreate the recipe somehow!

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