Switzerland - Geneva

Geneva was the first stop of our 3 week summer adventure in Europe.  The thing that stood out to me about Geneva, besides everything being clean, organized and slightly expensive, was that unlike Singapore people were not walking around with their faces buried in their smart phones.  Instead people were walking along actually talking to each other and sitting across from each other in cafes looking at each other in the eyes and connecting.  It really stood out to me how different and slower paced the lifestyle was compared to what I typically encounter in Singapore.  It is refreshing to know that a lifestyle without constant iPad and iPhone usage still exists somewhere in the world.  

I spent the most money ever on a cup of plain black tea (not even a nice tasting black tea).  I think it was 5 Swiss Franks and it came in a tiny little cup.  I typically ask for more hot water when I get tea like this but somehow it didn't seem appropriate while sitting people watching along the high end shopping street of Rue du Rhône so I just drank my tiny tea very slowly.  After looking at the prices on some of the restaurant menus Kingsley and I opted to buy stuff for a picnic lunch from the weekend farmers market.  Cherries, dried meat, fresh goat cheese and olives ended up being the perfect meal. 

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