First New Years in Singapore

One huge perk of living in Asia is that we have taken advantage of time off work around the holidays to explore some pretty amazing places in the world.  We have spent New Years in New Zealand, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, and these have all been incredibly memorable in very different ways. 

However, we have never spent a New Years right here in Singapore. It was extra special having my parents around to ring in the new year and watch the fireworks with us. We started off the evening going to a lovely Japanese restaurant called Issho Izaka located at the new Kallang Wave mall, which is about a 7 minute walk from our house, where we shared the Japanese hot pot dinner for four. Later we walked down the road to visit our friends who were throwing a big New Years Eve party at their newly renovated condo in Costa Rhu. At midnight we walked a short distance down the road to the Gardens by the Bay East and got a spectacular view of the fireworks.  Kingsley and I love to walk in this park almost every evening after dinner and it is usually very quiet and empty.  

On New Years however the park was bustling with families who came from all over Singapore to view the fireworks. Lucky for us it was a short 5 minute walk back to our condo after the fireworks. Meanwhile we watched hoards of people desperately trying to catch a taxi back to their homes as the public transport in Singapore shuts down after midnight.  I heard rumors of people waiting till 4am to finally catch a taxi to get home.  I cannot think of anything more unappealing!

2015 New Years was a quiet and simple year than previous, which meant we had time to slow down, focus and contemplate on the important things in life like family and friends and all the many many things we have to be thankful for! 

新年好 - kung hei fat choi

2015 Fireworks in Singapore from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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