"Love Boat" Valentines Day

Kingsley pulled out all the stops for this Valentines day.  Along with a few guy friends, Kingsley chartered a boat for a few hours to take us around Singapore.  There were a total of 12 of us on the boat, the six of us ladies were given NO details about the event in order to keep it a surprise. In fact some of the guys even secretly packed clothes and swim suits for their wives which caused quite a bit of shock and horror among the ladies.  Evidently, the swim suit that several husbands picked out for their wives was NOT exactly the same swim suit they wold have picked out for themselves!  I am eternally thankful that Kingsley is smarter than that and knew to warn me to wear a swim suit (of my choice) on our date rather than picking one out for me! 

The guys also packed a picnic style dinner for us. Though a bit haphazard (I lost count of how many bags of Nacho Doritos were brought on board), it was sweet to see how much effort they put in to planning our meal.  As the evening progressed there was some serious Bollywood "dance offs" and it ended with a refreshing swim in the ocean.  It was SUCH an incredible evening and an unforgettable Valentines day with awesome friends.  

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