Bali - Paragliding

Grey Panda Incident -
One afternoon while flying Suhas had a bit of a rough top landing and sprained his ankle.  It began to swell that night when we were at dinner so on the drive home he asked me if I had a "crepe bandage" at home (which is what we call Ace Bandage in the US).  I could not figure out what he was asking for and for a few seconds I paused trying to think what he could possibly be asking me for because all I heard him say was "do you have a grey panda at home"  so I finally blurted out "are you asking me if I have a GREY PANDA?"  to which the entire van full of temple pilot paragliders erupted in laughter.  We all had a good chuckle about the miscommunication and GREY PANDA became the code word for almost everything the rest of the trip.  It's probably one of those "you had to have been there" stories but anytime I see or hear of a ace wrap bandage from now on I will fondly remember grey panda.

Here is a great video Suhas made of our paragliding trip:

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