Chinese New Year - Fire Monkey

The Year of the Fire Monkey runs from 8 February 2016 until 27 January 2017, and this year, people who are born under the sign of the rabbit, snake, ox, rooster and rat will have the best luck out of all the animal signs. 

It looks like Kingsley and I both have lots of good fortune to look forward to in 2016!

Metal Rooster (Lynn):
People born under the sign of the rooster have much improved luck compared to last year. It is a good time to excel at academics or career, but make sure you save and plan for a rainy day by setting up a budget. There is no health threat for your sign this year, and singles with a partner in mind will have success.

Water Rat (Kingsley):
2016 turns to be a good year for the people under the Rat sign.  So, in the monkey year, you Rat people could go smoothly and be lucky in most aspects. You'll do fairly well in work and are expected to be promoted. There will be many social activities and parties waiting you to participate which will make you have a merry mood at the same time some sumptuous feast. What you should remember in 2016 is not to advance hastily and try to make good relations with others.

Although lacking the help of magnates and good luck, finance fortune is still predicted to have an upturn in 2016 for the Rat. The businessmen could expect your business developing along the right lines and get a good harvest. All things need you to do by yourself. You will find that all the income you earn this year should give credit to your hard work. What you should pay attention to is the financial status of your customers in order to avoid someone running away with all the money or making credit transaction with you. Besides, especially careful to details of the document or contracts in case you are framed by competitors. These will all make you fall deep in financial troubles. If you work for others, you could expect a promotion thus a nice income in 2016.

Fortune in terms of career favors the Rat during the year of 2016. You ability will be appreciated by the leaders. Together with your excellent performance in work, you are expected to be promoted to a higher post. If you want to change your job, the Chinese lunar months of March and July are auspicious to get success. However, you are not suggested to change except you have found a proper one. As long as you are always humble, keep a very low key, and communicate more with your working partners, you could make great success in career in 2016.

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