Kittens - Esmerelda, Bessie, Polar Bear

The last six weeks we have had a full house at the Wood family foster kitten farm!  A total of 5 kittens all from different litters and ranging from age 2 weeks to 8 weeks, was a bit of handful but also incredibly fun.  These little guys bring so much joy to my life,  Kingsley says he can tell when I am on the phone with the SPCA because I sound like a child excited to finally meet Santa...and that is exactly how I feel!

Mr. Marmalade and Polar Bear meet from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.
Feeding time at the zoo from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.
Kittens play with new toy from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.
Mr. Marmalade, Polar Bear, Bessie and Essie play from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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