Cynthia's Birthday in Singapore

About 3 years ago my friend Cynthia came to Singapore for a visit and in mid October this year she returned to Singapore for another visit and to celebrate her birthday with us.

Unfortunately, she picked up the flu AND a sinus infection on her way out here...probably from the flight... so her first few days here were pretty miserable for her.  But, like a good friend, I brought her to Raffles Hospital Urgent Care Clinic (I seem to take an awful lot of our guests there!) and after starting on some antibiotics she began feeling much better.  Thankfully this was just in time for our Halloween Quiz night at the Singapore Cricket Club.  Cynthia was our secret weapon that night with many of the odd trivia facts she knew!  We didn't get first place but we also didn't come in dead last so we were really happy with our performance.

Cynthia was Marilyn Monroe, I was a 1920's girl (though someone said they thought I was a ninja) and Kingsley was a super cool hippie dude and was very proud to be wearing a shirt that he bought for himself at university.

A few days later we had a girls night out at Ku De Ta in Singapore as grand finale to the birthday celebrations.  The view at Ku De Ta is always so impressive and we had fun dancing the night away though I couldn't believe it when I looked down at my watch and saw it was 2:30am!  Poor Kingsley was waiting up for us when we got home! 

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