Tioman Island - Japamala Beach Resort

While Cynthia was in town we took a quick girls getaway trip to Japamala beach resort on Tioman Island in Malaysia.  It was beautiful!

Here is the view from our Bungalow tree house room. In my opinion our place had the best view on the island looking over a huge coral reef and crystal blue waters.

We spent our days relaxing, reading, snorkeling, kayaking and walking up and down the coral white sands in front of the hotel. We found the food to be incredible, breakfast was amazing with huge amount of choice from the buffet that is out each day and a la carte menu which offered omelets, pancakes and other traditional Malaysian dishes. They also served home made smoothies which we took advantage of every morning with the Morning Detox smoothy being our morning go-to drink!  It had broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber and celery in it.  And it was actually delicious!

Our first night in the room there was a huge tropical rainstorm with thunder so loud that the foundation of our cabin actually shook.

Happy Hour at Mandi Mandi restaurant at the end of the jetty from 6pm -7pm was our only standing appointment each day. Our favorite meal of the trip was the Thai yellow curry which we ordered everyday for lunch. Favorite quote from our waiter after being asked a million questions about the menu and food substitutions one evening..."if can I say can, if can not...CAN NOT."

This is a great weekend getaway from Singapore and I am amazed that there is such a remote and untouched paradise just a few hours away from Singapore. It takes a little over 4 hours to get there from Singapore. We hired a driver who picked us up at my house and drove us to Mersing in Malaysia where we were met by the hotels private boat which took us to the resort. The boat crossing took about an hour.

Monitor Lizard Tioman Island from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

Tioman island monkeys from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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