Sinpopo Cafe


Last Sunday Kingsley and I were looking to get out to the house and ride our bikes to somewhere new.  We called up our friends Bonnie and Brett who live about 20 minutes away by bike on the East Coast and arranged to meet them at the recently opened Sinpopo Cafe on Joo Chiat Road.

Sinpopo Brand has an interesting array of nostalgic desserts and main dishes from Singapore streets of the 1950s. This restaurant is decked out in vintage decor and old-school furniture, complete with Chinese music from the bygone era.

This place sells traditional cuisine that is close to the hearts of Singaporeans, in fact we were the only non-Singaporeans in the restaurant.  I have read that there are some items on the menu here that are a rare find these days, such as the Ais Bor which is a round ball of ice with colourings with red bean in it. It looks kinda like the shaved ice we used to order as kids in the US - minus the red beans of course.

We were a little boring with our order - Kingsley got the Orange Kaya Creme Brûlée and I had the red berry hot tea.  But Bonnie and Brett were pretty adventurous and ordered the Gula Malaka Jelly - which I tried and is delicious.  My understanding is that it is palm sugar jelly with tapioca balls in it soaked in a thick sweet coconut cream sauce. She also ordered the Red Date and Logan hot tea which she only had a few sips of so I'm guessing was not her "cup of tea" :).  Brett ordered a kind of deep fried Chinese Chicken Hamburger - which evidently tasted "delicious but like a heart attack waiting to happen".

Gula Malaka Jelly


We had a fun afternoon trying someplace new and catching up with some friends.  We also learned a new route home on our bikes and bought a few groceries at new shop along the way.  Best of all we didn't get rained on the entire trip so overall it was a fun and successful Sunday adventure in Singapore. 

Kingsley about to eat his Creme Brûlée with chopsticks!

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