Seattle - My Barefoot Argosy Locks Tour

This past summer my brother spent some time working as a tour guide for Argosy cruises in Seattle.  Though it was near the end of the season he invited me and a friend to "do the tour" on a brisk beautiful Sunday in November.  

The trip got off to a rocky start with a series of misadventures on our way to the boat. These included: getting lost, not being able to find the Argosy ticket booth, and the limited parking avaliblility in downtown Seattle.  We literally arrived at the boat with not even a second to spare before it departed from the pier.  I might add that we ONLY made it to the boat in time because I got lucky with a parking spot...and because I am just crazy enough to do whatever it took to get on that boat! I sent my friend Jen to pick up the tickets while I found a lucky parking spot.  Feeling pretty good about myself my heart sank when I glanced down at my watch and it dawned on me that there was only one way I was going to make that boat and it would involve sprinting.  Without a second thought I yanked off my high fashion high heeled winter boots and RAN in my mismatched socks like a mad woman through the muddy streets of downtown to make it to the pier in time.  I can only imagine what must have gone through people's minds as they saw a crazy blond girl RUNNING her heart out with winter boots and dignity flapping behind her in the wind.  I also wonder what must have gone through my brother's co-worker's minds as they saw me running up to the boat.  My brother seemed completely unfazed which now that I think about it could be a little alarming...But never-the-less, I made it! 

A few minutes after cast off, once I had hung my muddy socks on the railing to dry in the sun, I began to listen to the amazing guided tour that my brother had prepared.  I am not just saying this because he is my brother but he is really good at engaging the audience, I was super proud.  I also learned so many new facts about Seattle that made me so excited and proud to call myself a Seattleite.

Later, as the VIP guests on the boat, we got to go up to the bridge and meet the Captain. The whole experience was just awesome made that much better by it being one of those truly spectacular days in Seattle.  We did the Argosy "Locks tour" which takes about 4 hours,  I would highly recommend spending an afternoon doing this if you are ever in Seattle.  Lake Union was the final stop at the end of the tour and we arrived there just in time for an amazing Seattle sunset.  Oh and yes I thoroughly cleaned my feet after the tour!

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