Indonesian Gastro Delights

We ate some amazing meals at Puri Mas but here are a few of our favorites. On our last night of our vacation, we ordered the Rijsstafel Set Dinner which was a delightful eight course Indonesian meal.  A few of our favorite dishes were the tender young bamboo shoots in curried coconut sauce and the lamb cooked in coconut milk, chilies and turmeric.  But truthfully everything was excellent and it was fun to have a chance to taste so many different Indonesian meals.

Another favorite item on the menu at Puri Mas, which I enjoyed so much I ordered three nights in a row, was the Cumi Bumbu Bali - whole small baby squid with Balinese spices.  I asked the chef for the recipe for the sauce that the squid is cooked in and below is what he wrote down.  I haven't had the time or courage to give it a try yet but one of these days I will look forward to testing it out! 

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