Gardens by the Bay Christmas Market

The last time my parents were in Singapore it was just a few weeks after we had moved here.  Looking back on that trip, though it was incredibly fun, I really knew so little about Singapore that I didn't even know the best spots to take them.  Furthermore, Singapore has grown and changed so much in the last few years it was so fun to show them around with almost 5 years of experience under my belt instead of only 8 weeks. 

After giving them two days to recover from jet lag I forced them to stay awake past 7pm by dragging them to the Christmas markets at Gardens by the Bay.  Through eyes at half mast my parents took in the living trees all lit up for Christmas and a light show set to Christmas music that by far surpassed any Christmas light show I have ever seen.  After purchasing matching santa hat hair clips that flashed like a hyper strobe lights we decided we had reached our Christmas and Singapore humidity saturation and caught a taxi home.  We were only at Gardens by the bay for about an hour but it was worth it to see all the festive lights.  Oh and for the record I did warn my parents not to wear long pants or even bring jeans to Singapore but I suspect that while packing in the middle of the winter in Seattle they just couldn't imagine a place on the planet that was too hot for jeans. 

Gardens By the Bay Christmas from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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