Bali - Temple Pilots

Our our lovely Temple Pilot friends.  We absolutely LOVE our Bali trips with them each year.  Kingsley and I still can quite figure out why we were accepted into this amazing group but we are thankful.  This was our 4th year of Bali Bliss with the gang and again it was full of incredible memories.

Late afternoon and I had already changed and was wearing a nice dress and wasn't quite plananing to get back in the pool that day but Suhas and Anita had other plans and I got dunked in the pool fully clothed.  So we turned it into an impromptu underwater photoshoot and had a ball laughing and posing underwater. 

Two days in a row I showed up at the brand new Ritz Carlton to wait for Kingsley and Suhas to land on the beach there and have a drink together at the end of the day.  They always send me ahead to win over the staff so they aren't given any hassle from the hotel staff or security.  So I did my duty and got a great cabana spot on the beach and was chatting with the wait staff telling them how my husband was paragliding and would be landing on the beach soon.  However due to wind condition changes Kingsley did not fly that day so it was only Suhas who landed on the beach and the staff thought this was my husband.  Fast forward to the next day and I arrive at the hotel and say the same thing to the staff,  a while later Kingsley lands on the beach and I run up to give him a kiss. The poor staff were SO confused.  It was priceless...

When the wind is a bit strong in the morning, chess was the game of choice. 

My "husbands" on the beach, ha ha

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  • Amy Wood Says:

    Lynn, I only end up reading your blog every few months, but I enjoy it immensely when I do! What a wonderful record of all your amazing travels. Just wonderful.
    Here's to more fabulous adventures!