Japan - Hakone

Hakone is a gorgeous mountainous area in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. Officially classified as a Geopark by UNESCO, Hakone is famous throughout Japan for its sulfur hot springs, Shinto shrines, and black eggs hard boiled in sulfur. Kingsley and I had a lovely relaxing weekend getaway here staying at the Hyatt Hakone.

Selfie on my way to the onsen ended up looking like an advertisement for a Japanese horror movie.

We had a lovely sushi dinner at Sushimiyafuji

This cute little restaurant is owned by a husband and wife team. They speak very little English but since I can speak Japanese we had no trouble communicating. We had the horse mackerel sashimi special and chef special omakase. The mackerel was delicious! It was so good that we ordered another one. Sushi was fresh and delicious assortment of fish and the miso was excellent.
The husband makes many beautiful, tiny paper cranes, these are displayed throughout the shop. We were also given a tiny keepsake with two little cranes inside as a parting gift.

This is an orchid made only of origami, the most impressive part was the leaves were made of hundreds of tiny cranes. 

The misty fall colors, chilly temperatures, cedar fires and onsens made it a perfect fall weekend escape.

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