Diner en Blanc - Old Kallang Airport

Kingsley and I attended our fourth Diner en Blanc event, this time with our friends Andrea and Ashley.  Due to the haze in Singapore the event was initially postponed for a month and, additionally we suspect that the location was moved.  The secret location this year was very near our condo at the Old Kallang Airport.  It was also a significantly smaller crowd with about 700 guests compared to the 3000 that attended last year. We found the organization to be very different (in not a good way) from previous years as well, with a new team running the show it felt like many critical things like music and the MC being on time, were an after thought.  However, when you are there with great friends you can only have a wonderful time...and we did! We had a lovely picnic dinner, shared some wine and enjoyed a little post dinner dancing.  Overall another successful year! 

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