Totem - Cirque du soleil

As an early Christmas gift, Kingsley got us amazing tickets to see Totem, one of the new Cirque du soleil shows that is currently touring in Singapore.  This was my fourth Cirque du soleil show that I have seen and, like the previous three, it took my breath away.   The Totem story line is a “journey into the evolution of mankind”,  which includes monkeys, Neanderthals, humans, scientists, and a continuous stream of impressive acrobatic feats with each one seeming to defy the laws of gravity.


One of our favorite acts of the night was five unicyclists, Bai Xiangjie, Hao Yuting, He Xuedi, Wu Yurong and Yang Jie, feathered, flowered and pedalling in serene synchronicity as they catch metal bowls on their heads, flung from their feet.

Totem unicycle from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.
MVI_8412 from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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