Tasmania - Paragliding The Don

No crazy Kingsley and Lynn trip would be complete without a bit of paragliding mixed in.  So Kingsley and I headed to Devonport in North Tassie to meet up with the six other resident paragliders and to learn the lay of the land. The Don is an ocean cliff soaring site, similar to what we have flown in Bali.  The actual launch site is incredibly tricky to find as its located on someones private farmland.  We eventually found our way there by pulling up to random farm houses and asking if they had seen any crazy looking wings in the skies.  Everyone we encountered were so friendly and easy going, a far cry from the litigious US paragliding scene.  Eventually we found our way to an unlocked farm gate and just kinda let ourselves in. From there we met some of the lovely local pilots and Kingsley was able to pull out his wing and fly. Happy husband! 

Paragliding Tasmania The Don from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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