Tasmania - Ulverston Fairy Penguins

After a long day of paragliding we needed a place to camp overnight.  As this was the section of our trip devoted to flying I did not make any pre-arranged overnight bookings as the paragliding sites change with wind and I had no clue where on the island we might end up!  On this particular occasion it landed us in Ulverstone which is situated along the North West Coast on the banks of the Leven River.   We checked out a few Caravan parks and found a few with vacancies but none of the ones in town really "felt" right to me so we drove a bit out of town and found this gem:

Apex Ulverstone Caravanpark

A beautiful Caravan park located on beach with its own population of fairy Penguin’s that come out to nest just as the sun sets. Can you imagine how happy and excited this animal lover was to find out we would be sharing our campsite with FAIRY PENGUINS!  We quickly got ourselves organized and enjoyed one of my attempts at a gourmet camp stove dinner.  Which was followed by our new Tasmania favorite dessert of fresh strawberries drizzled...ok drenched in Baileys cream liquor.  We enjoyed a stunning sunset walk along the beach and just as it got dark we could hear well before we saw our little fairy penguins.  They nested overnight in some bushes at the edge of the beach a few feet from our campervan.  Now this may sound incredibly idyllic, but despite their cute size these little guys are the noisiest things I have ever heard!!  It wasn't the best night sleep we have ever had but to be able to shine a flashlight out the back window and see six or seven little guys scurry deeper into the brush was one of the highlights of the trip!

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