Tasmania - Cradle Mountain

Our next stop was the West Coast of the island, Cradle Mountain National Park which is a ruggedly beautiful world heritage site.  We spent two nights at the Big4 Caravan park located just outside of the National Park.  We had big plans to do some serious hiking throughout Cradle Mountain National Park.  Unfortunately, a few days earlier,  I was getting our lunch out of the back of the camper van while Kingsley was paragliding and as I climbed out of the van I stepped into a...dried cow patty?...dont ask...and somehow twisted my left ankle as I fell to the ground and our hummus and (gf) bread went flying.  As we reached Cradle Mountain, my dreams of hiking around the world famous Dove Lake were dashed.  However, with a tightly wrapped ace bandage I was able to hobble along part of the path and we made it as far as the famous boathouse on the lake where we sat and enjoyed our picnic lunch. 

Later we made our way back to our campsite and Kingsley, after a long nap,  made us dinner under my guidance and even carried me on his back to the restroom facilities which were a good 1/4 mile away. 

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