Tasmania - Wineglass bay Christmas Hike

Wineglass bay is perhaps one of the best known tourist spots in Tasmania.  There is a lookout point that you can hike to which is incredibly popular, however, reading reviews on how many people do this hike everyday made me a little skittish that it might not be worth it.  Walking in the heat of the day surrounded by hundreds of other people is exactly why we were taking a break from Singapore over the holidays. But don't be alarmed,  I have become a clever little traveler and have learned over the years to try and do the busiest most popular things on days when most other people have other things to do.  Christmas day being an ideal example.  So, after a delicious Christmas campsite "breakie",  we began our hike up to the Wineglass bay lookout point without a single soul in site!  It was a glorious day for a hike and the spectacular view at the top was the icing on our Christmas cake! 

This is the overflow parking lot which is usually full of tourists cars but on Christmas day all we found were a few friendly wallabies. 

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