Phi Phi Island

During her visit to Singapore, Shelley and I took a quick girls trip to Phi Phi island which was nothing short of paradise.  We stayed at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort which I would highly recommend to anyone considering a trip to Phi Phi.  Our days were spent lounging by the pool, kayaking, snorkeling, eating massive quantities of the mouth watering Pad See Ew (ok maybe that was more me than Shelley), dressing up like twins for breakfast just for shock value (it WAS AWESOME),  and dreamy "couples" massages (cannot recommend Eg and Poo highly enough).

There are two ways to get on the island.  The first is the local ferry which takes 3 hours from Phuket to get to Phi Phi. The second option is the resort speed boat which only takes an hour.  Though a bit more expensive, the resort speed boat was a no brainer for us and, if you ever plan to visit Phi Phi, should be for you as well.  

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