Shelley's Explores Singapore

My beautiful friend Shelley, who keeps me feeling young and trendy, finally made it to Singapore for an action packed two week visit. It was rewarding to show her my life in Singapore, to introduce her to my friends here, and to see my new home through her fresh perspective.  We had a wonderful time at the typical touristy spots like Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown, and the Botanical Gardens.

But it was the time just spent hanging out that, for me, was the best.  Shelley is a woman who is blessed to be talented with a plethora of amazing skills. One of these happens to include being an incredible make-up artist.  I am still not sure how I somehow won the lottery but, (by some stroke of luck) years ago, Shelley decided to take this frosty white eye shadow, no lipstick, ponytail wearing project under her wing.  Over the years, bit by bit, carefully, as if approaching a skittish horse, Shelley has introduced me to the art of: curling eye lashes,  curling hair,  dry hair shampoo, best friend color...the list goes on and on and on!  

Not only did Shelley arrive in Singapore with generous gifts of eyeshadow and liner for me but, with the calm fortitude of a monk seeking enlightenment, Shelley faithfully continued her monumental commitment to project Lynn. Fighting jet lag and a stomach unsure about Asian cuisine, Shelley braided my hair, made sure I was wearing blush each day and gently but firmly chastised me for my lack of lipstick and lipgloss color varieties which required an urgent trip to Sephora to rectify.  I still have so much to learn!

We packed so much into her visit but an epic girls night out at CeLaVi and our afternoon people watching at Tanjong Beach Club were a highlight.  I also had a Bitmoji created for me by Shelley, if you don't know what that is, don't feel too bad,  I had absolutely no clue either, though now I feel that I am very in vogue. Please see below and note how my Bitmoji would NEVER EVER...EVER forget to apply blush or lipstick! 

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