Cape Town - Porterville XC Paragliding

Porterville is a area located a few hours outside of (155km) Cape Town to the Northeast at the base of the Olifant River Mountains. This is a part of the country where there are BIG thermals which makes it an ideal place to fly XC (cross-country).  We joined our friends Ian and May for a weekend in Porterville so the boys could do some big air paragliding.

View from launch out over the valley

We rented a quaint little house for the weekend that was a five minute drive from the launch site.  The house was tucked away in the mountains and was so remote and quiet it felt like we were on another planet. We had an amazing Braii in the evening and enjoyed an awesome sunset over the valley.

Kingsley May and Arwyn

Kingsley and Ian launching and very hopeful for an epic XC flight.  Sadly the winds just did not cooperate and Kingsley sunk out after about 20 minutes and landed (safe and sound) in a field surrounded by a barb wire fence. He somehow managed to get tangled in the barb wire and fell while trying to climb out and over the fence.  He ended up with a puncture wound in his hand and a deep gash in his leg which put an end to the flying for the day.  

Kingsley Paragliding in Porterville from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

Kingsley and I had another adventure at the local clinic in town where he received a tetanus shot and had his leg wound glued together in lieu of stitches.  The Sister (nurse) who provided the care was very competent but evidently not as "gentle" as I usually am when I care for Kingsley.  Kingsley was stunned when the Sister did not count to 3 prior to giving him his tetanus shot. 

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