Cape Town - Wedding Celebrations

Kingsley and I just spent the last week in Cape Town to celebrate the wedding of one of Kingsley's dearest friends, Doug and Alet.  Doug and Alet have been together for 16 years and have two boys together and finally decided to tie the knot.  Kingsley was asked to be the Best Man at the wedding which was a very special honour. 

Alet's Hen Party was so much fun.  Many of her Dutch friends and family flew in for the wedding so I got to hear lots of fun stories about Alet's adventures in Holland before moving to Cape Town.

Best friends from University reunite. These guys got into all sorts of trouble together at University of Cape Town. 

Pre-wedding picnic at Babylonstoren winery and farm.

Groom and Best man looking very smashing on the wedding day.

Alet walks down the aisle from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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