Cape Town - Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is located about 50km outside of Capetown and is far and away one of the most scenic wine regions we have ever visited.  In my opinion it puts the Napa Valley and New Zealand wine regions to shame! Kingsley and I spent 2 nights here visiting a few friends and checking out some of the local wineries. I could have spent weeks here there was so much to do and see.

Delaire Graff Winery and Thelema  - were two of our favorite wineries. 

Photo with Thomas from Thelema wines.

Beautiful breakfast at the Wild Mushroom Boutique hotel in Stellenbosch where we stayed. If you are staying in Stellenbosch and have a car I would highly recommend staying at the Wild Mushroom. It is located a bit out of town (about 10 minutes) but the accommodation and service were top notch.  Also we had a lovely dinner in town at Oppie Dorp.  Where else in the world can you order a biltong salad as a starter!  It was fantastic.  The town of Stellenbosch and neighboring Paarl both have a very strong Afrikans feel to it but luckily it seems Kingsley and I dont look too touristy as the waiter at Oppie began speaking to me in Afrikans when we first arrived.  

View from Guardian Peak restaurant and winery - the sunset here was gorgeous!

Beautiful view over deck out into the vineyards. It was harvest time while we were in Stellenbosch so the entire city was a hive of activity. And we got stuck behind our fair share of tractor trucks overloaded with grapes! 

Wine tasting at Asara.  We loved their Sun Dried Dessert wine so bought a few bottles to bring back to Singapore. 

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