Park Hyatt Hadahaa

Situated in the North Huvadhoo Atoll, an area virtually untouched by tourism, lies one of the largest and deepest Atolls in the world. Hadahaa offers a true paradise for divers and snorkelers which is exactly why we chose it to celebrate our anniversary this year.  Its not the easiest place to get to, once you arrive in Male its about a 2 hour flight south and then an additional 45 min boat ride to get to the island.  But once you are are in paradise.

Hadahaa island from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

With apx 1200 species of fish and 250 types of coral the house reef is incredibly special and in todays over-fished world, very rare.  Nation wide Maldives research published in 2010 found that Hadahaa house reef to have the greatest coral cover, exceeding 100%.

I think of all our trips this was one of the most chill.  We slept in late, showed up to breakfast 15 minutes before it closed to enjoy our gluten free pastries and eggs benedict. Then had an afternoon swim, snorkel and nap.  Followed by sundowners on the beach and a lovely evening meal.  We developed a heavenly routine each day and could feel ourselves bit by bit unwinding into island time.  It is such a magical feeling to have absolutely no worries in the world other than which of the three island restaurants you want to dine in that evening. 

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