Peninsula Hot Springs

After taking the (brutal) red eye flight from Singapore to Melbourne, Kingsley and I needed a good hot springs soak to shake off our sleep deprivation and acclimated ourselves to the chilly winter temps.  I booked us in for a couples massage at the famous Peninsula Hot Springs which included access to the varied in temperature hot spring pools along the side of the mountain.  The drive from the airport to the hot springs was a long 90 minutes and pretty tiring after very little sleep but it was absolutely worth it as the hot springs and spa are amazing.

The springs was far bigger than I imagined, with many pools set up along the side of a mountain. At the bases, there was large pools with varying water temperatures, and some cold pools to plunge into. Kingsley mentioned it was invigorating to plunge from the hot water to the cold, but I was too chicken to try it! After a good long soak we headed to the Spa Dreaming Center where Kingsley and I did the couples Australian Aboriginal-inspired kodo full body massage which hit the spot after the long flight.

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