Rotorua Hot Springs

Where does one go for a weekend getaway in Auckland New Zealand in the middle of winter?  Rotorua hot springs of course. Its an easy and beautiful 2 hour drive south of Auckland through farm and hobbit country.  We stayed at the Hamurana Lodge over the weekend which I would highly recommend.

In the evening we took a dip in the very strongly sulfur smelling hot springs on lake Rotorua.  Kingsley even covered himself in the hot springs mud which is meant to be very healthy for your skin.  I was a little weary as it was SO strongly sulfur smelling.  It did cross my mind as I was showering post hot springs soak that I had better double bag our swim suits so the rental car wouldn't smell too bad.  Little did I know that our swimsuits were the least of our worries.  

For literally the next three days Kingsley and I could hardly stand to be near each other with a strong smell of sulfur pouring out of our skin.  Weeks after the trip and after about 10 washings I finally had to throw out our hot springs swimsuits as I could not manage to get the smell out of them despite using every online laundry remedy I could find. In hindsight, I remember thinking it was odd that they offered disposable swimsuits for sale at the entrance to the hot springs. Now it all makes sense!  But it was still a worthwhile experience, just make sure you go for the disposable swimsuits if you ever find yourself in Rotorua.

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