Barcelona - Tapas Trio

Barcelona is currently my favorite European city when it comes to food and wine. The Tapas that we enjoyed on our trip were top notch. We enjoyed many fantastic Tapas meals but one night stood out as extra excellent as we decided to try three different restaurants in one evening for a very extended dinner.  We started off at Canete for a glass of Cava, oysters and the Tuna Tartar.  We especially loved this place as we were able to watch the chefs prepare the food directly in front of us. 

Our second stop was at Sensi Tapas where we enjoyed the burrito tomatoes, goat cheese salad and swordfish.  I was too busy eating to get a photo of this spot but it has a cozy romantic ambiance. 

Our final stop (at around midnight) was at Tapeo which was packed full of diners.  This was my favorite spot because I had, quite possibly, the best eggs of my life.  It was poached eggs with foie gras and truffle fries.  Kingsley was not tempted to even try a tiny bite which I found shocking but in the end it was his loss...however Kingsley was also a winner Tapeo as well as he ordered “the best gin and tonic of my life” and some excellent pork ribs.

I would recommend all of these restaurants in Barcelona, I would also highly recommend Tapas hopping there is a new place to try around ever corner! 

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