Mallorca - Best Beaches

While on vacation its good to have some goals to get you out an exploring, in Mallorca we made an effort to explore a new beach each day of our trip. There are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world tucked away in little alcoves all over the island which is why, in my opinion, it is critical to rent a car while visiting the island. Kingsley did a fantastic job driving us around while I attempted to navigate the tiny mountain roads.  Many of the roads around the island are single lanes with lots of tight corners and switch backs which Kingsley handled like a pro. 

Cape Formentor 
Formentor – especially the ‘Cap de Formentor’ in peninsula’s Eastern end – is postcard perfect. Starting with 13.5km of winding roads that defy all safety and logic, the peninsula’s several lookout points and the lighthouse are beautiful and quiet spots to stop and reflect on the beauty all around.

Es Trenc
Arguably Mallorca's most famous beach, Es Trenc plays host to 5km of uninterrupted powedery white sand. It's the sort of setting where it's not a massive stretch of the imagination to picture Robinson Crusoe landing there. After a walk on the beach, Kingsley and I had a wonderful lunch at Sa Rapita a town well known for their fresh seafood.

Port d'Alcudia
 deserved place on the World's Best Beaches for 2012, Port d'Alcudia is another beach in the north east of the island. I heard it is also a great place to dive but the water was WAY too cold for us to consider diving this trip.

St. Elm and Port d' Andrtax were two of our favorite spots on the island.  Both are located in the south west part of the island.  The sunsets here were just magnificent. 

Port d Andratx sunset from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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