Munich - Not all German trains are on time

The train from Salzburg to Munich was...nearly uneventful. However there was a minor panic when we couldn’t figure out how to make the ticket machines at the station translate the info back into English so we could actually figure out what train to catch.  Thankfully, we were eventually able to find the information counter, book our tickets, and make it to the train with a few minutes to spare.  

Then there was the even more elevated panic when our train left Salzburg station 5 minutes late (German trains are notoriously never late) and I had this thought that perhaps we missed the 12pm train and were now on the 12:05pm train going to goodness knows where but certainly not Munich! Kingsley thankfully agreed to take one for the team and got quite a look when 20 minutes into our trip he asked one of the attendants if this was indeed the train to Munich.  The remainder of our train trip was thankfully uneventful.

Ian picked us up at the train station and skillfully guided us on the local trains to their beautiful apartment a Munich suburb.  Later we did a bit of exploring around Munich and checked out the Rauthas and then the local Hofbrau (beer hall) for an authentic German beer and a platter of German meats, cheeses and pickles.

We only had 24 hours in Munich and felt that the time went by much too quickly but it was so lovely to visit our friends and to experience a bit of this beautiful city through their eyes. 

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