Wurzburg - Family and the Flu

From Munich we had an uneventful train ride to Wurzburg to visit Kingsley’s sister Sally and her family. Sadly, both Kingsley and I were feeling a bit under the weather while visiting so I suspect we were fairly lame guests.  Rumor has it that this winter was a terrible year for the flu in Europe so perhaps Kingsley and I picked up a late-strain of it on our travels. Quite a bit of our time was spent sleeping and lounging on their couch while enjoying the stunning view of Wurzburg that Sally and Shaun have from their apartment.  It's certainly never fun to feel sick when traveling but staying with family is "home away from home" so it meant a lot that we could just relax and rest with them for a few days.  Sally kindly took us to the pharmacy in town where we were given homeopathic drops (6) every hour for the next 24 hours for our flu like symptoms.  We have no idea what was in them but even if it was a placebo affect, it seemed to help. 

While in Wurzburg we also got in a bit of playtime time with our gorgeous Nephew which of course was a highlight! And Sally made this incredible and healthy cheesecake recipe one evening which I fell in love with. She sent me the recipe so I am looking forward to a special occasion to make it. 

View from the living room 

Sally prepared a breakfast feast for us

Our last night together enjoying the best french fries in Wurzburg 

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