Salzburg - A Weekend with Gulay and Ian

Salzburg is a romantic little town that sits in the foothills of the Alps. I have heard so much about this city so was pleased to have a chance to meet up with our good friends Gulay and Ian for a wintery weekend getaway in Salzburg

In addition to its natural charm, Salzburg gave us Mozart AND The Sound of Music. Both of which I am incredibly fond of, however, The Sound of Music was a particular favorite movie of mine growing up.

Over the weekend we explored: Old town, The Catacombs in St. Pete's Cemetery, and took the vernacular up to Hohensalzburn Fortress.  We also ate our first authentic Schnitzel and I tried my first taste of homemade Gluehwein, which is incredibly warming after walking around Salzburg in the winter.  

During the afternoon, we stopped at Cafe Tomaselli for some tea and a small pastry dessert. Dating from 1703, it is the classic Salzburg coffeehouse. Evidently Mozart used to come to this cafe often. The waiters were all men who wore fancy suits and took our orders for drinks and food. Seperatly there is a pastry lady who comes around with a tray of AMAZING looking pastries for you to choose from. Word of warning you will not be able to say no to the pastries, and they taste as good as they look! You pay for these items separately, which I found kind of odd.

The cafe obviously does very well in Salzburg and was buzzing with customers while we were there. What stood out to me was that none of them were looking down at their cell phones or any other devices for that matter...I thought that perhaps we had found some kind of magical place where cell phones and social media had not yet reached, but then I noticed the NO CELL PHONE sign hanging on the wall of this 300 year old building and had a sad thought that no where is "safe" anymore...

Our weekend in Salzburg flew by with some wonderful new memories made with some special friends.

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