Dubai - Burj Al Arab High Tea

Kingsley and I celebrated a belated anniversary high tea at the Burj Al Arab.  We spent part of our Honeymoon 7 years ago at the Burj Al Arab so it was incredibly special to be back again.

Burj Al Arab fountains from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

The Burj did an amazing job creating an awesome gluten free high tea for Kingsley and I.
Service began with a glass sparkling date juice (due to Ramadan no alcohol can be served till after sunset) which was quickly followed by an artfully presented berry tart with cream.
The second course was the “chef’s carvery of the day,” which prime rib with mashed potatoes. At this point our coffee/tea orders were taken. They encourage you to try as many teas as you’d like, and I certainly took them up on that. I began with my favorite Jasmine green tea but also tried the oolong, vanilla rooibos, chai tea, beauty tea and a few others.  I think I drank about 7 pots of tea throughout the afternoon. Kingsley was somewhat mortified by my tea consumption but the waiter didn't even bat an eye.   Next we were offered a selection of gluten free finger sandwiches, each of which was explained to us in great detail. We were then offered a tray of sweets, presented on a “Burj Al Arab” style carrier. My favorite was the gluten free scones which were served with clotted cream and passion fruit jam. The next course was a lychee and rose sorbet. We were also given a to go box with some more chocolates. Lastly they brought out a beautiful red rose and some ice cream with Happy Anniversary written on it. Overall it was an incredibly romantic and memorable way to celebrate 7 years of marriage.

We left our high tea just as the sun was setting over the horizon

Kingsley and I on our honeymoon in 2007 - we look so young!

Dubai Burj at night from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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