France - Annecy

There some destinations which, upon telling people of your plans to go there, receive an onslaught of praise and adoration resulting in inadvisably high expectations. Too often, these expectations created by people’s fond memories are not exactly the reality that Kingsley and I have encountered. Annecy was not one such place. My expectations of Annecy were pretty high having listened to the praises of a number of close friends who had been before, yet, when I caught my first glimpses of the French Alpine town, I immediately fell in love.

The town of Annecy is known for its picturesque old town, comprised of flower-lined canals, narrow alleyways packed with terraced cafes, and medieval buildings and bridges dripping with history. Having never been to Venice, I can't compare the beauty of canals but Annecy was so picturesque  I can't imagine anywhere more beautiful.

This is also where we met up with Kingsley's family which was an incredibly special reunion and only served to add to my fond memories of our 3 days in Annecy.  The only mediocre thing I can say about our experience there was our stay at the Ibis hotel in old town which had a great location but the hotel overall was nothing to write home about.

Wandering through the friday morning farmers marketing Old Town Annecy where I bought a huge bag of giant tart ruby red cherries for 3 Euros.

Lake Annecy Boat tour from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

Driving through Annecy old town from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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