Italy - The Scenic Route

As a fun detour on our way from Switzerland to France we drove south through Italy with plans to take the Mont Blanc tunnel to Chamonix.  Unfortunately our GPS was acting up that day and when we were within 20minutes of the tunnel to France it told us to turn around and go back to Switzerland as the tunnel was closed.  Without wifi access and with our GPS having been 100% accurate so far in the trip we decided to trust the GPS (mistake #1) and turned around and drove all the way back though Italy towards the Switzerland border.  When we reached the town right before the border crossing we decided to stop for a bit of lunch and thank goodness we did.  Not only did we have an amazing classic Italian meal of gnocchi and lasagna but we learned from our waiter that the Mont Blanc tunnel is NEVER closed.  Thus after lunch we retraced our route for the third time and drove back through Italy again to the French border and the Mont Blanc tunnel all the while listening to our not so trusty GPS warning us to turn around.  Of course when we got to the border crossing the tunnel was wide open.  Funny enough it wasn't till we were halfway through the tunnel that the GPS finally seemed to recognize that it was a viable route.  We finally made it to Chamonix about 2 hours later than we had expected but there is something to be said about taking the scenic route.  And we got to enjoy our first taste of Italy - I can't wait to go back! 

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