France - Annecy Paragliding

Kingsley really loved flying in Annecy 10 years ago, it is known as one of the paragliding capitals of the world so it was special for him to be back again and able to fly.  Graham, Shaun and I were the Wood/Behrens family retrieval team. We drove Kingsley to the launch site and sat at a little restaurant near the launch having an afternoon drink while waiting to watch Kingsley takeoff.  There were a plethora of colorful gliders dotting the skies so I was a little nervous I might not spot him once he was in the air. But his pea green glider saved that day again by being just a unique enough shade that once he did launch he was easy to spot.

The conditions were perfect in the valley for an epic flight and the scenery was hard to beat as you get jaw-dropping panoramas of the Alps and views of the lake below.  Once Kingsley got below a certain point the retrieval team jumped in the car and followed the (slightly longer than expected) directions to the landing zone.  Kingsley was pretty easy to spot in the LZ, he was the guy with the huge grin on his face.

Annecy Paragliding from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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