Dubai - Burj Al Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa currently holds the title of the Tallest Building in the world; it really is an impressive piece of architecture.  Instead doing the typical observation deck viewing with all the other tourists, I planned ahead and made us reservations at the Atmosphere Lounge on the 123rd floor at 7pm to watch the sunset.

Since it was Ramadan the restaurant was not able to serve food or drinks till 8pm but that was fine as we were too mesmerized by the view and watching the sunset over the desert. 

When 8pm rolled around I ordered a glass of wine and Kingsley had a cocktail and we ordered the lobster salad to share which was tiny but delicious. The bill for the evening was crazy but I felt it was still worth it for the amazing view and the overall experience.  

Later that evening we had a delicious Lebanese/Arab meal at Abd El Wahab restaurant overlooking the fountains and then at midnight we took a taxi to the airport to catch our red eye flight back to Singapore. 

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