France - Paris

We spent our last 4 days in France exploring Paris with Sally, Shaun and Damien.  Early on Sat morning we packed all our gear into Sally and Shauns car and drove about 7 hours from Corlac house  to Paris.  We arrived in Paris on a rainy afternoon and went right to our French apartment in the Monteguile district.  It was a cosy little apartment very close to the metro and exactly what we needed for four days. That evening Sally and I made a mad dash through the rain to stock up on groceries and to buy stuff for dinner. Neither of us knew where the grocery store was, but between Sally's French and my rapid hand gestures we were able to find a little shop that was open just a few blocks from the apartment. 

The next day we started off by visiting the love lock bridge where Kingsley refused to buy me a love lock.  I know its all hype and the bridge is sinking so its not good to do but I still somehow wanted to add our own love lock to the mix.

Later we visited the Louvre and while we were there the sun finally peaked out from the clouds and it turned into a glorious day. 

Paris Metro Opera from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

Just as soon as we got Damien into his rain gear the sun came out! 

Arch de Triumph was the next stop.  It was built by Napoleon to celebrate his victorious battles.  It also has, in my opinion, one of the best views of Paris.

Look at that view! 

Later that evening Sally and I made wraps for dinner at the apartment and we played a bit of friendly poker. It was tough competition but I ended up being the tournament champion!

The next day we spent exploring the Marais neighborhood.  We then walked to Nortre Dam and then Montmartre and the Mulon Rouge.  Later that evening we took a picnic to the Eiffel tower.

Enjoying lunch and people watching in Marais

Going up and down the Metro stairs was one of Damiens favorite activities.

On our last day Kingsley and I went back to the Marias neighborhood as we really loved exploring that part of Paris.  We had a champagne and falafel lunch and then did a bit of perfume shopping before heading to the airport to catch our flight to Dubai.  


Paris Eiffel Tower at night from Lynn Wood on Vimeo.

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