Mallorca - West Coast

Our first day in Mallorca was spent driving along the West Coast of the island which many have said is the most beautiful part of the island and I have to whole-heartedly agree.

We began the drive from Palma heading west on C-719, our first stops were Camp de Mar and Port D/ Andratx, two beautiful spots with sandy coves. Here summer vacationers mingle with fishermen in this natural port, which is set against a backdrop of pines. Port D'Andtax was once a haven for smugglers.

Leaving the port, we continued northeast along C-719 to reach the town of Andratx, 5km (3 miles) away. Because of frequent raids by Turkish pirates, this town moved inland. Located 31km (19 miles) west of Palma, Andratx is one of the loveliest towns on the island, surrounded by fortifications and a Gothic parish church.
Port d'Andratx

After leaving Andratx, we took the C-710 N, a tiny winding road that runs parallel to the island's jagged northwestern coast. This road was for us the highlight of the trip; most of the road is perched along the cliff edge and shaded by pine trees. We stopped at the Mirador Ricardo Roca for some lemon sorbet and the panoramic view of a series of coves. These coves can be reached only from the sea.

The invisible cats of Deia

We then continued to Estallenchs, a town of steep slopes surrounded by pine groves, olive and almond trees, and fruit orchards. Valldemossa, was the next major town and is where the composer Frédéric Chopin and the French writer George Sand spent their now-famous winters.

Beyond Valldemossa, the road ran along cliffs some 395m (1,300 ft.) high until they reach San Marroig, the former residence of Archduke Lluis Salvador, which is actually within the town limits of Deià. He erected a small neoclassical temple on a slope overlooking the sea to give visitors a panoramic vista.

We decided to stop and have lunch once we reached Deià. This was the home for many years of the English writer Robert Graves. Many other foreign painters, writers, and musicians have found inspiration in Deià, which is a virtual Garden of Eden.

Restaurant in Deia for lunch

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